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When I grow up….

I want to be just like her. She turns 7 today…..7. Doesn't seem like such a big number (like her brother's double digit birthday of late) but still–7!!! Such a short amount of time, really, when you think about it; yet like the time since her biggest brother was born it seems like it's zipped […]


Seriously. 14 years since I became a mommy for the very first time. To this precious, delicate, helpless little bundle of perfection. I remember it all like it was yesterday….the contractions starting around midnight; calling Anna to help me time them only to have her doze off on the phone; waking Phil and saying 'it's […]


Loaded word, expectations. Wonderful, if everyone involved is on the same page. Potentially devastating if not. And oh-so-very easy to misinterpret. How often does one really say what they mean? Granted, it's no easy task to translate the thoughts, feelings and all that other stuff that fills our heads….but really, how difficult is it to […]

The Name Game

Many people have asked me about changing my name after the divorce…Why would I want a name different than my kids’ last name? Wouldn’t it be easier to just keep my married name? Does it bother my kids? Why would I even care? And they never really fazed me–the questions, that is–until today at the […]

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