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Quinoa Recipes and The Thanksgiving Project

Sometimes I read things and forget about them. Oh, I might get all riled up and tweet a link or tell every single Facebook friend to go read it (assuming my posts go into the feed, which is wishful thinking considering how Facebook engineers their algorithms, but I digress), but then a few days go […]

The Listen to Your Mother Show 2014 Announcement

It’s been just about six months since I walked up to a podium at Unity Temple on the Plaza and read a deeply personal piece about being my mother’s daughter. Six months can be gone in the blink of an eye or it can drag on like a stifling summer without air conditioning. It’s been […]

Tick Tock

I used to wonder about that phenomenon other people called their biological clock. I can’t say that I ever heard the ticks or the tocks about having a baby; I was one who never thought I’d have kids until one fateful night in an Emergency Room in downtown Chicago, and I was certainly in no […]

Listen to Your Mother: Laura Seymour

It’s been far too many Mondays since I posted a Listen to Your Mother video. Chalk it up to crazy schedules, not feeling great or just plain running out of time, but I feel remiss for not being more diligent. I really do want to share every last one of the readings from the 2013 […]

The Missing

“I know I’m older now. But sometimes you just want your grandparents back, you know?” So went the conversation at fifth grade parent teacher conference yesterday. Erin’s teacher, who was also Nicholas’ teacher his fifth grade year, lost a grandparent a few weeks ago. I adore this teacher; she treats each of my kids like […]

Blurred Lines of the Mama Kind

The lines are getting fuzzy. They’ve never been truly clear, these writer lines of mine. Oh, I still believe that stories are better when shared, but the ownership of those stories is what has me all wound up in knots. I’m struggling with the reality that to blog about being a mom is, by default, […]

Listen to Your Mother Monday: Rochelle Fritsch

Today I want you all to meet Rochelle Fritch. Not because she’s sweet, witty, insightful and an accomplished writer. Not because she delivered a beautifully nuanced piece when she read for Listen to Your Mother. I want you meet Rochelle because not two weeks ago this woman got me on the dance floor. Me, the […]

Love, Sandwich Style

I just sat in on Heather King and Vikki Reich‘s TypeA Conference hands-on session about free writing. Love. It was what I imagine therapy should be; all about raw emotion, Anne Lamott and how to write from the heart.  Before they encouraged us to write, they said something that really resonated with me: start with […]

Listen to Your Mother Monday: Sarah Guthrie

There are a million little moments that come together to make a production like Listen to Your Mother happen. Each cast, in each city, is comprised of unique women with different experiences, different outlooks on life and different life experiences. Sitting on the stage that light last May, I was overcome with how our stories […]

Listen to Your Mother Monday: Kristin Shaw

It’s Monday, so it’s time to listen to our mothers. I can’t remember if it was the ever cool Greta or my sweet friend Ashley who suggested this reading when I put out a ‘help me pick a few of your favorites to feature’ plea not too long ago. I know that more than one […]

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