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Doing What I Can

I got stickers today. I got one at the polls, where I cast my vote for those I want to hold public office, even though I wonder if that vote really matters. Yes, I understand that every vote matters. In theory. I still question whether or not my vote matters in reality. I’ve voted every […]

Playing in the Rain

They danced in the rain today. I was upstairs, working, when he came barreling up the stairs. “Have you seen it?” he asked, with a grin that was somehow bigger than those I’d seen from him lately. When I asked what he was talking about, he said “front door. Now. Right now.” So I followed […]

Shifting Catholic During Lent

So today is Ash Wednesday. It’s the beginning of Lent, though my kids just call it an awfully inconvenient time for an extra long Mass. As we drove to church I asked if they’d given any thought to what they might give up for Lent this year. When I got the obligatory ‘soda’ and ‘sweets’ […]

Scrunch. Blink.

She kept blinking. Deliberate, lingering blinks that drew the corners of her lips up and furrowed her brow and crumpled her cheeks into layers of creases. We’d left our beige bubble to venture to the museum, on our way to a scheduled workshop that would result in a Girl Scout badge. She brought a book […]

The Ticks and Tocks Are Back

For a brief time this afternoon I didn’t look at my phone. Not for email, not for text messages, not for status updates. Instead I stood in the school cafeteria and scooped sticky spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream and handed paper bowls to a seemingly endless line of fifth graders. It’s probably the closest I’ve […]

The Other Side of Five Bucks

My grandma was always stuffing money in my pocket. Not big bills—she didn’t have those, or she’d have given those, too—but ones or a five or, if the calendar was just right, a ten. Before I had kids she was direct; she’d say ‘get me my purse, hatza’ and when I’d change the subject and […]

The Power of One

It’s been one year since she left us. As I kneeled in church today after lighting a candle for her, I thought about what a small word that is. One. The time between then and now doesn’t seem all that small, even though I know it is. Maybe it’s my relationship to time in general; […]

My Chair

I made him move from my chair. They think it’s funny, to stake their claim as I’m making my plate. I’m always the last to sit down to eat, after making sure everyone else has what they need before getting my own food and then joining them. On casual nights, like tonight, we sit in […]

Quinoa Recipes and The Thanksgiving Project

Sometimes I read things and forget about them. Oh, I might get all riled up and tweet a link or tell every single Facebook friend to go read it (assuming my posts go into the feed, which is wishful thinking considering how Facebook engineers their algorithms, but I digress), but then a few days go […]

Blurred Lines of the Mama Kind

The lines are getting fuzzy. They’ve never been truly clear, these writer lines of mine. Oh, I still believe that stories are better when shared, but the ownership of those stories is what has me all wound up in knots. I’m struggling with the reality that to blog about being a mom is, by default, […]

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