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She’s Bringing Sassy Back

  About a week ago I wrote a post about the media's speculation about Ashley Judd's changed appearance and her diligence in taking them to task for their attitude.  I sat on it for several reasons, the strongest of which was that I was unsure of myself. Not unsure of my thoughts, but unsure about […]

What They Teach Me

I've wanted to do a Mama Kat prompt for a really long time. I'd always put it off, though, thinking that I'd carve time out at the end of a work day filled with 'productive' writing. Yes, I hear Dr. Phil's voice in my head asking 'how's that workin' for ya?' because it's painfully obvious […]

Grandma, Growing Old and Lent…..Really

I'm thinking a lot about age these days; growing old, feeling old, acting old. Perhaps it was the heart attack my dad had, or my time with my grandma over the weekend, but it seems to be hitting closer to home than I'd like to admit. I realize that it's a blessing to grow old. […]

Dancing Through Disappointment

Tonight should be a special night for my girl. It’s the Daddy Daughter dance for her Girl Scout troop; a 50’s theme, special time with the most important man in her life, girlfriends to be silly with and enough sugar to keep her flying high until Tuesday night. Should be. I do my damndest to […]

OLW Blog Hop

Here we are again….beginning another year. January was a funny month. Funny ha-ha as well as funny ironic, right down to the weather. I don't know that I recall a January devoid of snow and filled with days that required only a sweater or a light jacket, but that's what we've been enjoying. And you'd […]

Stuck in the Mundane

I've been stuck lately. Consumed with the thought that nothing I have to share is original, much less inspirational. I type and then backspace, reminding myself with each stroke that what I just thought has not only already been expressed, but expressed more eloquently, or with a sharper wit or a funnier joke. So I've […]


December 17 prompt from ReSound11: What's the one thing you've come to appreciate most in the past year? I can't choose just one….seriously, I'm supposed to choose just one?! Impossible, when I sit and actually think of everything in my life. There's no way to really compare so many different things from different parts of […]

Guest Post at Living On Love

I am guest posting today over at Lacy's place. I love the name of her blog: Living on Love. Her site is a mix of cool Etsy goodies, thoughts on mommy hood and a chronicle of her very own love story. I hope you'll head that way and show her some love, then come back […]

All I Want for Christmas…

Here we are….the end of Thanksgiving weekend, still with scraps of turkey left in a gelatinous pool of gravy in a tupperware container in the fridge, already embarking on Advent and the mad dash to Christmas. It's not that I don't love the holiday, because I truly do. It's the gift thing that drives me […]

Yes, I Lie to My Daughter

My son caught me not too long ago, sneaking around the front porch in my bathrobe, sprinkling 'fairy dust' and emptying milk and honey from the tiny little thimbles she'd so carefully placed inside the fairy house. He stood inside the screen door, with his arms folded across his chest like a dad who'd just […]

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