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Vocabulary Lessons at Monsanto: My Thoughts on #farmfoodtour 2015

I don’t do many sponsored posts. I bristle against it, actually; I feel that there’s an inherent tendency—if only internally—of expected positive reciprocity when someone (a person, brand, company, etc) offers something for “free” if I’ll write about it here in my microscopic corner of the web. Last year I was excited to be asked […]

Blade First

Today, the ax came at me blade first. So instead of trying to find words when I know I have none, I’m sharing Amy’s. Hers is one of the Listen To Your Mother: Kansas City videos that I most identified with, and I’ve been hearing it in my head all day. Even though my kids […]

Observations From the Road

I’ve never minded taking road trips alone. I like being able to control the music without complaint, the fact that no one makes fun of me when I stop too often to pee and that if I want to, I can ride in complete silence with only the steady blur of the center line to […]

Scrunch. Blink.

She kept blinking. Deliberate, lingering blinks that drew the corners of her lips up and furrowed her brow and crumpled her cheeks into layers of creases. We’d left our beige bubble to venture to the museum, on our way to a scheduled workshop that would result in a Girl Scout badge. She brought a book […]

Around Kansas City: Gieringer’s Orchard and White Tail Run Winery

What’s that old saying? Something about putting the cart before the horse…or maybe it’s the chicken before the egg (or vice versa)? Not sure, but I do know that I more often than not I perpetuate the sentiment. I think, I plan, I worry, I think some more, I plan, I miss the boat….sometimes. Other […]

Snippets of Our Snow Days

I wanna be snow when I grow up. This snow, in particular, that clings to my window today. Tenacious. Gorgeous. Unapologetic. Vulnerable. I stand inside and watch as it dances in the wind. I know it's the wind's force that whips it about, but my heart says it's really each flake's choice to twirl and […]

Around Kansas City: Rock the Red Kettle

I don't know about you, but I am forever looking for family friendly–but still fun–activities to do with my kiddos. They're getting to that age; the age where some things just aren't fun or cool anymore, but they're not quite at the age when the 'cool' or 'fun' things are appropriate (or fun for Mom, […]

November 2012 OLW Bloghop

It's Blog Hop time again…how the heck did THAT happen?  By now I'm sure you're aware of why we do what we do….but if you're not, you can catch up with my own One Little Word posts here. This month you've come from Ruth's blog and after you're finished reading here, you'll hop on over […]

Cruising Altitude

  Life looks different at cruising altitude. Crammed into my window seat, listening to the business men across the aisle talk trash about brokering yet-unsigned deals and fighting more than I should with a stubborn bag of peanuts, I’m struck by how my perspective of a place can change so dramatically but—at its core—remain the […]

Around Kansas City: Mama Shopping Spree at Ross Dress for Less

Earlier this month I was invited to a blogger event. And what a cool event it was. I was a little nervous; after all, it was full of fabulous fashion bloggers and I don't exactly fall into that category. But I'm so glad I went to get a sneak peek of the new Ross Dress […]

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