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Scrunch. Blink.

She kept blinking. Deliberate, lingering blinks that drew the corners of her lips up and furrowed her brow and crumpled her cheeks into layers of creases. We’d left our beige bubble to venture to the museum, on our way to a scheduled workshop that would result in a Girl Scout badge. She brought a book […]

Around Kansas City: Gieringer’s Orchard and White Tail Run Winery

What’s that old saying? Something about putting the cart before the horse…or maybe it’s the chicken before the egg (or vice versa)? Not sure, but I do know that I more often than not I perpetuate the sentiment. I think, I plan, I worry, I think some more, I plan, I miss the boat….sometimes. Other […]

Snippets of Our Snow Days

I wanna be snow when I grow up. This snow, in particular, that clings to my window today. Tenacious. Gorgeous. Unapologetic. Vulnerable. I stand inside and watch as it dances in the wind. I know it's the wind's force that whips it about, but my heart says it's really each flake's choice to twirl and […]

Around Kansas City: Mama Shopping Spree at Ross Dress for Less

Earlier this month I was invited to a blogger event. And what a cool event it was. I was a little nervous; after all, it was full of fabulous fashion bloggers and I don't exactly fall into that category. But I'm so glad I went to get a sneak peek of the new Ross Dress […]

Our First Family 5K–the Jared Coones Pumpkin Run 2012

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been. I still cry. I’m thinking of my cousin, Curtis, who died when we were in the fourth grade. I’ve talked about him before, and losing him to leukemia. It’s amazing to me that the tears can still flow so easily, even after thirty years. But they do. He […]

Around Kansas City: Apple Picking at Fieldstone Orchard and Farm

I’m adding a new element to my blog: Around Kansas City. Why? Because, since I did a Summer Bucket List and actually did so many fun things with the kids, I really want to make the most of our weekends and holidays off of school. It’s important to me that we explore, get lost for […]

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