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Co-Parenting Through the Holidays: Tips from VProud

There are very few things I know for sure. Of them, this is one of the most important: every experience is different. It doesn’t matter if we use the same words to describe life events—marriage and wedding, breakup and divorce, for example—our individual experiences will be different than the experience anyone else has. Heck—our individual […]

Thanksgiving Is

Thanksgiving Day is rainy wet and barely-there cool. It’s goodbye and see you tomorrow and I love you and have fun. It’s closing the door only when I can’t see their shadows anymore. It’s standing in the middle of the room, cold coffee cup in hand, surveying the newly painted but still-the-same beige walls. It’s […]

Everyone Should Have a Mr. C.J.

Well hello, grown up shoes. It’s what I saw from the second bleacher row. I hate sitting there; I’m old and fat and sitting that long on a backless bench makes my back ache and my shoulders twitch, so I crane about and look for things to distract myself from my middle aged reality. The […]

Blink, Mama

I always win the staring contests. It used to make my kids giggle—“look how long mom can stare at you!”—as they took turns trying to make me blink. It was a badge of honor, a sure thing. Comforting in a goofy way, I hoped for them, how they could count on mom to never blink. […]

The House Where Merry Died

I live in the house where merry died. I knew it before, but it hit me hard tonight. I went grocery shopping late—my idea of fun when I have a free hour or two—and it was after dark when I got home. I pulled into my parking spot and killed my lights, and that’s when […]

Cause I’ve Gotta Have Faith

I talked about faith today with my middle guy. It was after we fought, as we sat in a church pew. He didn’t want to be there; neither did I. I struggled to find words to explain why it was important for us to be there, and even though the words came out of my […]

Natalie Merchant Ate My Blog Post

Natalie Merchant ate my blog post. Okay, okay. Not really. But kind of. See, this is what happened: I’d planned on being a good little blogger, and had resigned myself to a Saturday night spent with my editorial calendar. I imaged there might be wine, and Gilmore Girls looping on Netflix, just for added fun. […]

Like Mother Like Daughter

“That didn’t last long, did it?” She was referring to the leaves on the trees. She shares my love of crisp air and fiery red leaves, and looks forward to hot apple cider and cinnamon doughnuts and afternoons getting lost in corn mazes. Last week the leaves were starting to change colors, she said. Now […]

Someplace Else

Most days are good days. I find my zone fairly early, and I write while the kids are at school so that I can pay the rent and buy the groceries and shop for the non-sparkly shoes. I am happy to see them walk through the door at half past three, listen to Erin tell […]

No Sparkly Shoes for You

I spent hours today trying to find black pants for Erin. Hours, because they couldn’t be black jeans, black leggings or black khakis. They had to be black “dress” pants that “cover the ankles.” Then we had to find a plain black headband, and plain black, closed toed shoes. No sparkles or buckles or straps. […]

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