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Figuring Out How I Like My Eggs

I can safely say I never thought I'd blog about eggs. Life is funny, though, and by funny I mean more than just laughter inducing. I mean confusing, infuriating, frustrating, ironic, intimidating, exhausting and–yes–sometimes just funny.  This past month has been particularly funny. So funny that I've questioned and doubted and hemmed and hawed even […]


I'm mixing it up a bit here and taking a prompt from a new source, @dailyangst. I haven't embraced #Reverb11 like I did #Reverb10, and I'm not sure why. The intention is there, just not strong enough to find the inspiration necessary to make daily posting happen. I'm going with the 'it is what it […]

Memoirs of a Single Dad Book Review

I love when people share their dating stories. Since I'm working on a book of my own about my (mis)adventures in dating after divorce,  it's comforting and somewhat reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who's experienced  too many 'what the hell just happened here' moments to count. I've "known" Daniel, the brains […]

Turning a page….

It's been a big weekend here in my little house. I had the "B" conversation with my kids. I wanted it to just be the "D" conversation, but that's too easily confused with the 'Big D'; unfortunately, they've already been there and done that. This is different. Way different. It's the boyfriend conversation. My kids […]

I confess….date nights

I'm guest posting over at Memoirs of a Single Dad today and spilling all my secrets about dating with kids. Literally. Head on over and visit Memoirs; great stuff for single parents.

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