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Happy Birthday, Dragon Boy

I’m a dragon, mom. And you’re a dog. That means we’ll fight a lot. He was about eight or so. Young enough that he wasn’t so damn obstinate when someone suggested going to a Chinese restaurant (or any restaurant with anything other than burgers, chicken strips or fettuccine Alfredo on the menu). Young enough that […]

Ready, Steady

When it comes to the firsts, I’ve never been the best mom. First words escape me.  I know it was ma-ma or da-da, or some other monosyllabic chant that we celebrated as intentional. But the details? Buried somewhere in memory, along with countless other things I failed to note in the almost-empty baby books on […]

Yes and No

“Really, mom? It’s not like it’s the first time I’m leaving. Isn’t it easier now than it was last year?” That question came up as we talked about your move…six days and counting, now. You’d think it would be old hat by now, wouldn’t you, son? I love that you apply your stoic logic to […]

The Bouqs Flower Company Review

Disclosure: I was given a free Bouq in exchange for a review and social media promotion. All opinions are my own. If you click through a link on this post or on other The Bouq links on this site and place an order, I make a commission as an Ambassador. Using these affiliate links do […]

Eleven Is

Today I saw eleven. Eleven is anticipation. Eleven is waking up to cinnamon roll coffee cake and not caring that it’s all butter and sugar and sugar and butter. Eleven is giddy and impatient, opening cards and forgetting to read who it’s from because what’s inside is so much better. Eleven is sweet to brothers […]

Bitch and Whine and Bicker and Moan

I sat on the stairs where they couldn’t see me. It’s their dad’s birthday, and they insisted on baking him a cake. I told them to work on it together, letting them think I’d be upstairs working. Instead I snuck down and listened. I didn’t need to leave my little corner from where I work […]

Scrunch. Blink.

She kept blinking. Deliberate, lingering blinks that drew the corners of her lips up and furrowed her brow and crumpled her cheeks into layers of creases. We’d left our beige bubble to venture to the museum, on our way to a scheduled workshop that would result in a Girl Scout badge. She brought a book […]

Hamburger Smiles

I’ve been trying to write a post for the better part of an hour, but the words just won’t come. Not the right words, anyway; the words that flow are ones that are better suited for the privacy of my ink scrawled journal, like the one I hide near my bed so that I can […]

Training Mom

We just got back from just shy of a week in my hometown. The kids look forward to what has now become a yearly tradition, spending the Fourth of July holiday with my dad and stepmom. They love the fireworks show, the fact that Grandma makes them yummy dinners and the cats that roam through […]

Confessions of a Culinary Wanna Be

I haven’t wanted to go out much lately. Call it exhaustion, indifference or the side effect of nursing a recently lacerated heart; the why doesn’t really matter as much to me these days. A new outlook, however, does. I was only half joking when I told a friend that I was embarking on a year […]

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