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The Moment I Knew: the Making of a Reluctant Mom

You’d think that after 17 years I’d forget the details. After all, I fill my grocery cart with food already in my kitchen and forget which days the kids are supposed to go somewhere other than home. As I get older details seem to fade, but this memory seems like yesterday. In reality, my oldest […]

One of Those Days

It’s been one of those days. You know the ones. The days when computers crash, cars lurch, kids sass and clients ignore. The days when people change the subject and bury their heads, teachers act more like politicians, bills pile up so fast it’s impossible to keep up and bank accounts scream ‘uncle’ because they’re […]

A Job Interview, Hormones and Being Only Human

It's been another heavy few days here. But this week it isn't destruction on a national scale that's keeping our attention; it's matters of the heart, the voices in our heads and the idea of being 'just right' for everyone else. I told you. Heavy. My girl came to me in tears on Sunday morning, […]

Figuring Out How I Like My Eggs

I can safely say I never thought I'd blog about eggs. Life is funny, though, and by funny I mean more than just laughter inducing. I mean confusing, infuriating, frustrating, ironic, intimidating, exhausting and–yes–sometimes just funny.  This past month has been particularly funny. So funny that I've questioned and doubted and hemmed and hawed even […]

Stuck in My Two Step

Baby steps. It seems like yesterday my babies were taking theirs. There’s that luscious series of firsts that, honestly, before I became a mama I rolled my eyes at. That’s because before I became a mama, I didn’t get just how precious first steps are. That first smile, first giggle, first roll over, first crawl, […]

No Matter Where I Go, Here I Am

No matter where I go, here I am. To say that walking into the Gaylord Resort in Grapevine, Texas, today brought back memories is like saying Elvis was fond of his blue suede shoes. It was in 2004 when I first set foot in that monstrous hotel in Grapevine. A lifetime ago, really, when I […]

A Letter to My Disgruntled Daughter

Oh, my girl. Your face kills me today. Those usually upturned lips pressed into a tiny thin line, telling me at once that you are sad and angry.  Those eyes…God help me, those eyes…gorgeous and piercing and accusing. You love me, I know, but today–right now–you hate me.  Because you want to go outside and […]

The Identity Crisis of Downward Dog

     Today is my first time linking up with Shell for PYHO (Pour Your Heart Out). I loved Erin's post, which inspired me to sit down and blog on a day that I really didn't feel like     doing much of anything at all. I went back to yoga this week. Mind you […]

Sometimes My Catholic Roots Don’t Show

Well isn’t this a kick in the pants. I decided that I’d try Mama Kat’s writing prompt this week, and loved the Instagram option: “Open Instagram (if you have an account) and scroll down to the 4th photo shared by a friend. Share the photo, link to the person who posted it, and let it […]

Missing my first ‘first’

So I was moping last night. Not because anything was wrong, but because Adam was asked to a dance—his first—and attended Homecoming with a girl named Trisha. He said it was no big deal, that they were going as a group and that it wasn’t really a date. Whether or not I buy that is […]

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