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How My Blog Got Me In Trouble…Again

I did it again. No, not an impression of Brittney Spears (and for that, you’re welcome). “It” was say something on my blog that had absolutely nothing to do with anyone except–gasp–ME and pissing someone off in the process. ┬áIn reality, annoyed or saddened are probably more accurate word choices than mad, but whichever we […]

Why I Want My Kids to Be Like Forrest Gump

The strangest things run through my mind when I'm exercising. Maybe it's simply my way of distracting myself from my own discomfort, or maybe it's those natural endorphins that are starting to flow; whatever it is, my thoughts tend to move from what's most pressing to something more creative.  Yesterday, they went to a favorite […]

She’s Bringing Sassy Back

  About a week ago I wrote a post about the media's speculation about Ashley Judd's changed appearance and her diligence in taking them to task for their attitude.  I sat on it for several reasons, the strongest of which was that I was unsure of myself. Not unsure of my thoughts, but unsure about […]

How to Vote on Circle of Moms Top 25 Contest

I'll admit it….it's really pretty cool that someone nominated my blog again this year for the Top 25 Single Mom Blogs at Circle of Moms. I feel like I neglect this place far too much, especially when there are really cool things going on that deserve to be blogged about. BUT, I feel like maybe […]

The Power of Ordinary

I think it's about time for something a bit lighter, don't you? We've had an awful lot of life around here lately, and I think we're all a bit weary from it; at least, that's what I'm chalking today up to. We (the kiddos and I) have been testy, grumpy, annoyed and downright surly for […]

Dancing Through Disappointment

Tonight should be a special night for my girl. It’s the Daddy Daughter dance for her Girl Scout troop; a 50’s theme, special time with the most important man in her life, girlfriends to be silly with and enough sugar to keep her flying high until Tuesday night. Should be. I do my damndest to […]


I'm mixing it up a bit here and taking a prompt from a new source, @dailyangst. I haven't embraced #Reverb11 like I did #Reverb10, and I'm not sure why. The intention is there, just not strong enough to find the inspiration necessary to make daily posting happen. I'm going with the 'it is what it […]

Guest Post at Living On Love

I am guest posting today over at Lacy's place. I love the name of her blog: Living on Love. Her site is a mix of cool Etsy goodies, thoughts on mommy hood and a chronicle of her very own love story. I hope you'll head that way and show her some love, then come back […]

Memoirs of a Single Dad Book Review

I love when people share their dating stories. Since I'm working on a book of my own about my (mis)adventures in dating after divorce,  it's comforting and somewhat reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who's experienced  too many 'what the hell just happened here' moments to count. I've "known" Daniel, the brains […]

The Self Help Aisle Can Kiss My….

I have to stop going there (the self-help aisle). All those well-meaning books, with shiny and optimistic titles, practically leaping from the shelf and into my hand really screw with my head. With promises that if I do what I love life will be grand, and that if I think positive thoughts abundance and good […]

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