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Turning a page….

It's been a big weekend here in my little house. I had the "B" conversation with my kids. I wanted it to just be the "D" conversation, but that's too easily confused with the 'Big D'; unfortunately, they've already been there and done that. This is different. Way different. It's the boyfriend conversation. My kids […]

I confess….date nights

I'm guest posting over at Memoirs of a Single Dad today and spilling all my secrets about dating with kids. Literally. Head on over and visit Memoirs; great stuff for single parents.

She Will Be….

I'm tickled to be over at Brassy Apple's I Am More Than Just blog today. This month she is featuring mothers, in all of our various and glorious shapes, sizes and forms, and I've loved visiting her each day to see gorgeous pics of real-life moms and their little ones. Today it's me and my […]


  Reverb10 Day 18–What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it? Courtesy of Kaileen Elise Confession time….I've never had a bucket list. It's too depressing to have a list of 'not yet accomplished' staring at me, […]

Today I am thankful

*for their arms around my neck *for being able to sneak into their rooms to fix the covers and kiss their cheeks *for work that I enjoy *for friends and colleagues who 'get me' *for limitless opportunities *for unanswered prayers

When I grow up….

I want to be just like her. She turns 7 today…..7. Doesn't seem like such a big number (like her brother's double digit birthday of late) but still–7!!! Such a short amount of time, really, when you think about it; yet like the time since her biggest brother was born it seems like it's zipped […]


Seriously. 14 years since I became a mommy for the very first time. To this precious, delicate, helpless little bundle of perfection. I remember it all like it was yesterday….the contractions starting around midnight; calling Anna to help me time them only to have her doze off on the phone; waking Phil and saying 'it's […]

Scratch my watch or wind my butt?

Steel Magnolias is one of those movies that when I see it on tv–doesn’t even have to be uncut cable, commercial-ridden Oxygen works for me too–I get sucked in. Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen it, I have to watch. It’s like crack (for suburban moms, that is). Love the one liners in this […]

The Name Game

Many people have asked me about changing my name after the divorce…Why would I want a name different than my kids’ last name? Wouldn’t it be easier to just keep my married name? Does it bother my kids? Why would I even care? And they never really fazed me–the questions, that is–until today at the […]

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