As part of my forum of scrapping friends we had a blog challenge–list 7 random things people may not know about me. Here’s mine :)

1. If I could, I’d be a perpetual student. I love the atmosphere of school, I thrive on learning new things, and I crave books. The hardest part would be trying to decide what to study because so I think so many subjects are interesting.

2. The only thing that would trump school in my fantasy world would be travel. I’ve only been out of the U.S. to go to Mexico, Canada and London. I want to go to Italy, France, Scotland, Australia, Germany……pretty much anywhere I can observe other cultures, taste different foods and sink into another world.

3. I really loved being pregnant. I was amazed at what my body was capable of, and I loved the entire experience. This is really something, coming from someone who—up until finding out I was pregnant the first time—said I’d never ever EVER have children.

4. I really want to be artsy and cool and free-spirited. Really. I just can’t quite get there.

5. I’ve never tried a cigarette or any type of illegal drug. I am terrified of not being able to stop if I did start, and I’m scared that I’ll pass that “addictive” gene on to my children.

6. I hate my handwriting, and it’s becoming more illegible every day.

7. I am addicted to email, blog surfing and all things internet. It’s become my connection to the outside world—and while I am grateful for it, I think that maybe I need to get out more!!