There are days when hearing from a friend is what gets you (ok, me) through the day; then there are days that you (ok, I) just can't stop  grinning because they do something so nice that it just makes your day. My friend Diana, the inspirational woman behind The Studio 56, suprised me earlier this month with this scrumptious little award, and I certainly hope that my lack of timeliness in sharing doesn't diminish just how tickled I was to be a recipient.

So, the rules are I share three things about myself, then pass this award on to five bloggers that make my world a little bit brighter. So, before I share that awesomeness with you, you'll have to put up with a bit of Lisa-drivel :)

(1) I'm having an incredibly difficult time coming up with something I think anyone else will find interesting! How about the fact that I have 17 books right now that I'm in various stages of reading; none are finished, all are interesting but none are so entrancing that I want to stay up late to finish.

(2) I believe in the power of story; mine, yours, the woman you passed in the grocery store and the man who authorizes billion dollar deals. Regardless of status, glitz or buzz factor every single story has merit. The everyday grace that we overlook, take for granted and fail to see for the miracle it really is is what I'm trying to focus on. I'd love for you to join me.

(3) I think I've learned, finally this year as I turned 40 (shh….I say it but I'm still in denial) that it really IS about the journey, not the desintation. Yesterday I baked peanut butter cup cupcakes with my daughter; the recipe sounded so stinkin' good; the end result, not so much. But it doesn't matter. Seeing her press those peanut butter cups into the batter while she smiled and sang along to the radio is what mattered. The cupcakes were just the vehicle.

Now…..on to the really good stuff. The five blogs that I peek at more often than not. Some because of their story, some because of their snark, some just because they speak to me. Random but all wonderful. Go visit :)

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