I'm really a lucky girl. Sometimes I think I'm not. I dwell on the fact that I don't have family who live close or that I don't have a partner to lean on when things get dicey. But, in reality, I'm incredibly lucky.

I'm sitting here, taking my lunch break from work, eating chicken soup delivered by a friend yesterday after she learned I was sick. I'm also looking at bottles of vitamins she dropped off…an immediate action to an immediate problem, to be sure, but also a gentle reminder to take care of myself even when I'm not feeling lousy.

As I eat my yummy chicken soup I am reading an email from another amazing friend who keeps me from thinking I'm crazy or unlovable, who I am certain is as tired of hearing me whine about a myriad of things as I am yet she never, ever says that she is, and who gives me such a soft, comforting yet honest place to land when I fall flat on my face.

And then there's the phone call from yet another friend, a just-because, let it all hang out kind of check-in that never fails to give me perspective and a good hearty laugh.

These women are amazing. They are all busy, professional moms who juggle like there's no tomorrow but still find time to reach out and make my day on a consistent basis. I'm a lucky, lucky girl. So today–and every day, really–I am thankful for them. For their friendship, their honesty, their kindness and their humor. And the fact that they share it all with me.