It's Blog Hop time! I'm a slacker these days, so this post should have actually been done in January; the fact that it's March 1….well, it is what it is! Scroll to the bottom of the post for a full and complete list of the other fabulous women participating in this hop, or click right on through to the next entry on our list Cassie. I am hoping that by visiting all these blogs I'll learn a little, mile a lot and gather inspiration to jump back in and let my creative juices flow!





January started with such promise! Money in the bank, goals set, attitude in the right place. Then, perhaps not so slowly, things dwindled. I wouldn't mind so much, really, if my motivation hadn't decided to lead that pack. I can blame the snow, the sick kids and the no-school days and I wouldn't be completely off base. Then again, I wouldn't be entirely honest, either. While it varies in degrees, it tends to happen each year. The old 'your eyes are bigger than your stomach' tendencies mean that I bite off more than I can  chew, get all Catholic on myself and let the guilt beat me down further, until I've dug a hole in the sand deep enough for not only my head but my voluptuous backside as well. And let me tell you, friends….that's a deep hole.

So when I got the reminder from Margie that I'd signed up for the One Little Word Blog Hop I silently muttered something not-fit-to-print under my breath. After all, I haven't even opened February's One Little Word prompt, much less embraced it. Then I thought 'what better way to get back into the groove, then to NOT bail. So, very unlike my typical self, I'm trying to embrace myself where I am NOW instead of where I'm supposed to be.  If that's the beginning, then so be it. This is my beginning.

I don't think it's any secret I've stalked Ali for awhile (stalking in the 'her blog is so cool and why can't I be that artistic, too?' sense). I admire her artistic flair, the way she embraces motherhood and her undying love of words. I own her books, covet those cool Technique Tuesday stamps and daydream about a studio/office that looks kinda like hers (those lockers…come on, who wouldn't want those lockers?!). So when she started her One Little Word movement I was so there. One year I embraced it completely, let it wash over me and give me strength while I worked through a divorce and all the change that came with that process. That year my word was STRONGER, and I created a canvas that has hung next to my vanity ever since, reminding me that I am. Stronger.

The following year I was a bit lost. I'd lost a job I thought would be life-changing (and it was, just not in the way I wanted), was floundering and incredibly fragile and unsure of myself. I didn't know what my word was; I barely new what the day was, to be honest. I heard a coach/therapist talking about being present, and giving presents in life. As in the act of being present is a present to those you love. So, by default, that became my word. It didn't fit, though, and even though I made a cute little frame with the word in sparkly letters I never really gave it more than a passing glance. It just didn't fit. Now this year, 2011, Big Picture Scrapbooking has a class for Ali's One Little Word. I jumped on that bandwagon faster than you can say 'paypal rocks'.

I thought I'd embrace it, but truth is getting my supplies out to just do one little thing doesn't seem very efficient with everything else on my list. There was one night after I'd finished an album for a friend, that I took a look at my messy, scrap-strewn table, popped a horrible movie into the laptop and made my One Little Word page for January. I haven't yet taken a picture of myself (ok, I tried, but I hated them all), created my title page or even opened the prompts for February. My word for 2011 is become. I struggled in choosing a word. Become kept coming back to me, but I'd shun it. I can't become, because I already AM, I'd tell myself. It's too frou-frou, it's too esoteric, it's too much. I thought of words like move, accept, passage. I secretly wondered if I could choose a new word each month instead of commiting to one for the entire year. But then I shared the word with others, and as they nodded and embraced the word I did, too. So, all I've done this year is this page. And that's ok….I'm right where I'm supposed to be.



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