The little taste of fall we’re having today is such a treat. Yes, I know it’s raining–I even went out to make cold calls in the rain today. Didn’t bother me a bit. Feeling that bite in the air, loving the smell of the rain and just being able to breathe it all in today. Makes me happy, makes me wish for more days like this.

Don’t know why, but I’m anticipating fall and all the celebrations that come during fall right
now–I’m even looking forward to Halloween, and anyone who knows me knows I’m so not a Halloween kind of girl. But this year is different. I’m already thinking of all the things I want to do and make between now and 2009. This will be the first holiday season that I’ll be officially divorced, that I won’t have baskets to make, that I won’t be adjusting to a new job (like last year–at least I hope I’ll be settled in by then). I’m hoping for lots of time with the kids, doing my Christmas shopping before December 24th, actually sending out Christmas cards, baking cookies with the kids and just enjoying the season. So much to look forward to!

On a practical note, there’s still quite a bit of adjusting going on here in our house. Time just flies so quickly–the days are done in a snap and it’s hard to fit everything in. So, I’m trying to give myself permission to just focus on the kids and on work right now. I have a stack of books I want to read, a bigger stack of pictures I want to scrap, folders full of recipes I want to try…..but those will just have to wait. For now, bedtime rituals of cuddling up with each kiddo individually to hear about their day and read a book (Yertle the Turtle is Erin’s current favorite and Nicholas got a big kick out of The Stinky-Cheese Man) will probably be the extent of my literary adventures (except for books for work, but those don’t count :) Couch time will be the extent of my social life and recorded episodes of The Young & the Restless will be my dose of culture. Such is the life of a working mom.

Speaking of working moms, I’m off to watch Gov. Palin’s speech. I think this is such an important election and I’m trying hard to pay attention to all that is going on. Talk about being a working mom–Lord only knows how she does it all.