My girl and I have a new tradition: Cupcake Sundays. It all started when the show Cupcake Wars caught her attention. She was instantly hooked: sugar, more sugar and drama; what more could a 7 year old girl ask for? She started writing her own cupcake recipes that of course were not edible (she doesn't know that quite yet).

A few weeks ago we were shopping at Costco and she spotted this:


And the rest, as they say, is history. She takes all week to read through the various flavors and designs, and she chooses one for us to make together each Sunday. She's learning how to cream butter (which sounds funny, she says), separate eggs and sift flour. And I'm learning that the world doesn't end if we break for a dance segment, or if she drops eggs on the floor.

Today's flavor of choice was Cherry Almond Vanilla. A surprising choice for her since (1) she doesn't like cherries and (2) there was no mention of chocolate or candy in the name. I think it was the pink frosting that got her, but it doesn't really matter. Adam asked 'do you even like almonds?' and she said 'I have no idea, but if I don't like it in a cupcake I won't like it in real life either.' Pretty smart for a 7 year old, eh?

After the cakes are baked, cooled and frosted, she sets out one plate, two forks and a knife and we taste them 'Cupcake Wars style'. She gives a thumbs up or thumbs down; today the cakes got a resounding thumbs up, even though we agreed we liked the cupcake part much better than the frosting part.

My favorite part, though, is her smiling at me and telling me how much she likes to bake with me. She also reminds me that someday she'll be a famous cupcake chef and I can be her assistant on Cupcake Wars. We make a good team, she says :) Sounds like a plan to me.