This week it wasn't Cupcake Sunday; instead, it was Cupcake Wednesday. She chose the recipe, studied it, assembled her ingredients and got to work. She chose the mini size instead of the regular because the liners we had in the cabinet were 'so much cuter, Mom.' She measured, whisked and mastered that mixer like a pro. She scooped, tapped and washed the dishes while they baked. She even made the buttercream frosting and frosted her cupcakes.

All of it all by herself. I may have separated a couple of eggs, but otherwise wasn't allowed to do anything but watch. She's so cool, my girl.


Sprinkles sneak between my toes
Scattered. Gritty. Pervasive. 

Annoying as hell
But worn like a proud mama badge.

Proof that she's big enough
But not really.

Tiny technicolor reminders
That sprinkles fall
Time flies
And little girls grow.