Linking up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week, and inspired by prompt 2: “Currently”. A simple list of things you’re currently feeling as seen at Sometimes Sweet.


Reading. I wish I had a terrific list here, but I have more of a wish list. I just started Heft and The Book of Maybe. Next up is Quiet, and I’d really like to find Dearie sometime soon.

Listening to. I’ve been in a music rut lately, but this past week both Sarah Bareilles and Court Yard Hounds had new releases. I’ve listened to Sarah’s once….and was surprised that it was a little too mellow for me, at least initially. I need to give it a few more listens before I know for sure. Court Yard Hounds is ok, but if I didn’t know it was them I’d probably think it was Sheryl Crow; they sound the same to me these days.

Thinking about. Can the answer be both ‘too much’ and ‘nothing at all’? That’s what seems most appropriate right now. My mind is jammed with everything from a new school year starting to how I’m going to pay for everything we need for the school year to start to how much more work I need to do to how I can get clients to pay their bills on time and in full instead of whatever number works for them instead of me. I’m also thinking about how I think I’ve mended a broken heart only to realize some scars still aren’t healed, and how long it will take until I stop wondering why.

Watching. Thanks to Amazon Prime I’m re-watching my favorite show of all time: NYPD Blue. I watched it religiously when it was on TV, but as I watch it again I’m amazed at how much I’ve forgotten. I’m getting a kick out of the guest stars, seeing how they were then compared to where they are now and I’m reminded that I love Sipowicz so much because he’s the perfect combination of crusty and adorable.

Bummed out on. Seriously sad that I won’t be attending BlogHer next week. I’d hoped this was the year I’d be able to go, but it just isn’t. It’s too much money, and the timing isn’t right. Someday, maybe, but not now. I’m also bummed about a “conversation” I had this week with a local DJ. He posted what I found to be a pretty awful joke calling women cows, and when I called him on it he removed the tweet. He won’t acknowledge that it was offensive, though, and it reminds me how easy it is for some people to bully those of us who are overweight. We’re an easy target, you know, especially because most of the time we prefer to not call attention to ourselves. I can’t speak for everyone who’s struggled with weight, but I know that I am often more comfortable hiding in the background because of my weight. I’m struggling with speaking up or letting it go, and I hate that I’m even hesitating.

Loving. Strange as it may sound, I’ve started to love canning. I only learned how to do it while visiting Dad and Karen over the 4th, but I’ve already canned two batches of goodies since then. There’s something so relaxing about the process; everything from the chopping to the symphony of pops as the jars come out of the water is soothing to me. It’s taking every ounce of restraint in me to not spend my days boiling jars and trying new recipes instead of working. So far I’ve made blackberry jam, Balsamic Fig jam and Vanilla Bourbon Peach jam.

Also, being a mom right now is really pretty awesome. Nicholas and Erin are growing these amazing little people, and I genuinely like them. I love spending time with my girl, and took advantage of Nicholas spending some time at a friend’s house to have a mommy/daughter date this week. She ordered a burger at lunch but giggled like crazy as she stole shrimp from my salad, and then she had her very first pedicure. She loved it, so I’m probably in trouble. She opted for sparkly purple polish and a peace sign. Suits her perfectly.

I’m also mesmerized with the sky these days; I’ve become the dork who stops to take pictures of the clouds, the sunset, the rainbow and the storm clouds. It’s odd, really, because while I’ve always noticed the sky (of course) I’ve been so overwhelmed with its beauty this summer. I can sit and watch it for hours, reminded that no matter who we are, or what we believe, or where we live, we’re all just people under the same sky.

Summer Skies