It's Blog Hop time again…how the heck did THAT happen?  By now I'm sure you're aware of why we do what we do….but if you're not, you can catch up with my own One Little Word posts here. I'm the first stop this month; after you're finished reading here, you'll hop on over to visit Kimberlee. We all wish our leader, Margie, safe travels and can't wait for her to be back with us next month.  

So….it's December. Holy hell.

I have to admit that as I worked on this prompt, I found myself longing for something new inspiration-wise. This is my third year of One Little Wording, and I always pull out my previous years' works to see what I've done and what–if any–progress I've made. This time I found myself thinking that the old saying 'the more things change, the more they stay the same' really is true.

Still, my word has been alive and well in my life this year. I've invested more in myself (faith), more in my kids (responsibility), more in my work (saying NO), more in a certain institution of higher learning (KAMS) and more in those I spend significant amounts of time with (my favorite guy, for one). 

What do I know from all of this? 

That I am still learning, still fighting fights that I should let go, still loving, still laughing and still baking cupcakes. All things considered, I think that's progress enough.

I hope you'll visit all of the other lovely ladies on the hop, and give them props for sticking it out the entire year. Wishing them (and you) a most magical month filled with whatever makes you smile uncontrollably, laugh with abandon and say to yourself 'damn, I'm lucky.'