I used to say that all the time, when I was a kid. DO OVER!! As if saying it emphatically enough somehow made it possible to erase what had just happened and try again for a “better” outcome.

So, yeah, as I’ve grown old I realize that there’s never truly a chance for a do-over. Even if the chance presents itself in the clothing of a do-over it’s never really truly possible. If someone has wronged you, hurt your feelings, made you question yourself–or you’ve done that to them–that never goes away.

That’s not a selfish thing, or a bad thing…..it’s just how it works.

So today I embrace that–and put on my big girl panties and go on, realizing that people drift in and out of our lives and that however brief their stay was, they drift away because their job here is done. I’m not always given the option of understanding why, and that’s ok. I just trust that it is. Ok.