All those self-help gurus, they tell me to think and dream big. And to put those goals out there so the universe can help me with them. Sounds very zen and optimistic to me, but fun nonetheless.

So I’m putting this out there. When I first started my gift business, it was because I was working as a paralegal, commuting almost 3 hours a day to downtown Chicago, and leaving Adam at a daycare (a fabulous one, but still a daycare) from 6:30 a.m. until 5:45 p.m. every day. I knew there had to be a better way to balance mommyhood and career than giving up all my time with him.

Fast-forward about eight years and guess where I am?? Commuting to downtown Kansas City, to work as a paralegal, and leaving Adam, Nicholas and Erin from 6:30 a.m. until 5:15 p.m. every day. Granted, they are in school and they love being there. But I miss them. I miss dropping them off and picking them up and being bombarded with stories of their day. I miss having the connection with their teachers that came with seeing them outside after school every day. I miss the after-school chaos of snacks and homework and, yes, even the whining.

I know, really, really, KNOW, that there has to be a better way to find balance.

Enter the dream. I still have the same dream I had way back when, it’s just expanded a bit. Here it is: I want to run a business that gives Moms a place to come work, when their schedule allows, but lets them be moms first. I want a place that encourages them to be active in school and to spend after-school time with their kiddos. I want a place that they want to be at because it provides what they need in their non-mommy world: a paycheck, a place where they are appreciated, a place they can contribute.

I want a place that not only produces a profit to support my family, but a place that contributes to the community. I want a division that delivers flowers and gifts to those who normally don’t get any–people in assisted living centers, kids without families, etc. It would run on donations and would make sure that on Mother’s Day those mothers in old age homes who aren’t remembered get a flower….that on birthdays kids who have no parents would get a goodie box. Nothing extravagant, nothing too out there, just something that shows that they are not forgotten.

Here’s the vision: There is a Social Suppers franchise for sale in Olathe. Price is reduced from $99 k to $39k, including all franchising fees.

That’s a whole lot less than starting from scratch. The reason the business is for sale? It’s been too successful–husband & wife started as a hobby and it grew too much. I want this business. And I want the storefront next to it for my basket business. I want to meld the two…..because realtors and others would love gift certificates or prepared meals for busy clients who are closing on homes. And so much of the stuff I can sell from the basket end would work well in the cash & carry section of Social Suppers.

A while back I sketched my “dream” location. Here it is:

So, I’m putting this out into the universe……and, at some point, I WILL hit the goal. It won’t be tomorrow, and it may not be THIS franchise in THIS location, but I will hit it. :)