Enough: occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs, or expectations

I’ve come to realize that Thursdays are my “enough” days…..the busy-ness of the week catches up with me and I’ve reached the stage where I want to close my eyes, raise my hands (palms facing out in that stop-sign-like gesture) and raise my voice just a tad so that everyone gets that I’ve. had. enough.

A bit ironic, since a huge topic of contention, especially with working mothers, is whether or not we give/get enough; enough time with our kids, enough dedication to our work, enough attention to our friendships, our home, ourselves; enough understanding from co-workers, family, friends; enough attention from those who matter (and sometimes those who don’t really matter)……..

So I’m thinking that I need to revert to that one important lesson I learned as a new mom: to prevent meltdowns in my child I had to work smart and anticipate what their boiling point was. I learned that if we deprived them of nap time, they had more tantrums; if I expected them to go hours without a meal or snack, they had a meltdown; if I heaped too much on them at once they’d stress and strike back.

Surely it can’t be that simple: sleep more, eat better and reduce stress. Huh. I’ve known it all along….now just to practice what I preach.

Happy Thursday everyone.