Loaded word, expectations. Wonderful, if everyone involved is on the same page. Potentially devastating if not. And oh-so-very easy to misinterpret.

How often does one really say what they mean? Granted, it's no easy task to translate the thoughts, feelings and all that other stuff that fills our heads….but really, how difficult is it to spit out words that at least align with your own personal truth? Not as easy, obviously, as allowing our words to assume the mold of what we think others want to hear. Easier to placate than to enunciate. Makes common ground shaky when the foundations are only partially built.

Thinking a lot, obviously, about my own expectations….of myself, of motherhood, of relationships, of work…..and that old saying keeps coming into my head. You know the one–something along the lines of if you have low expectations you suffer less disappointment.

Trouble is, I've never been content with low expectations. When I jump, it's all in, all consuming. And the expectations, in my mind at least, should extend to the partner(s) I am jumping with. After close to 40 years of being proven wrong you'd think I'd learn that expectations are a personal thing and I can't control those of anyone else. You'd think. You'd be wrong.