I'm multi-tasking today. I've loved reflecting on my year with the help of #reverb12, and the December 29 prompt from Kat just happened to coincide with my One Little Word plans. Big love to Kat and Meredith for the prompts; even when I didn't write anything, I thought. And that's a good thing.

So here we are. New Years Eve.

Conventional wisdom says I should be somewhere other than the corner of my room that I already spend far too much time in, partaking in alcohol that is overpriced and watered down, and celebrating the passing of one year and the beginning of another with some kind of noise that signifies celebration.

Instead I'm in that ubiquitous corner of the room, trying to pretend that I don't have the flu and doing my best to reflect on the year that is coming to a close. After  I finished working on my final One Little Word page, I realized that I reverted back to the color palette of 2011; muted, darker colors instead of the brightness I'd been going for in 2012.

I guess that's what happens when we act instead of think; we go with the gut, do what feels right and do. I've had a habit of letting the thinking get in way of the doing. I prep, I analyze, I obsess…I procrastinate and wonder why the best laid plans don't produce the results I want.

My 2012 word was a good one for me. Invest. As I was reflecting on the year, I revisited my thought process as I contemplated the year ahead:

2012 has so much potential. Adam might be moving on to college, I might (finally) be publishing a book or two, Nicholas will be moving from elementary school to Jr. High. I will hopefully be spending lots of time with my favorite guy, cultivate the amazing friendships I’ve been blessed with and finally accepting that it’s ok to welcome love and laughter into my life without always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I can't say that I achieved every goal; I can't even say that I got close on some of them. But I did come to understand that investing goes beyond money. It goes beyond time, even, and cuts to the core of who I am and what makes me tick. Because what I invest in–intentionally , like writing and mothering and loving, and habitually, like stalking Facebook friends and pinning rooms I'll never decorate–is who I am.

As I leave 2012 behind I take the word with me. I take the knowledge that I can handle my budget, my time and my energies. I take the responsibility that comes with each, the joy that comes with seeing those investments pay off and the understanding that I get to choose which investments get my attention.

Which brings me to my new word. It's one that I toyed with last year, but in the past few weeks has made itself known in little whispers.  For 2013 I choose the word embrace.

I choose this word because I'm not content to just experience life; I want to grab it, hold it and nurture it. All if it. The good, the not so good, the challenges, the accomplishments, the potential, the history, the everything.  Even the corner of this room, my champagne-less holiday and the prospect of all that's yet to come.

I want to thank Margie for starting and hosting our OLW hop for the past couple of years. I'm sad she's decided to not continue next year, but wish her all the best and extend my thanks for keeping me on track all this time. I've loved getting a glimpse of each blogger's OLW journey through the year and hope that, in some way, we find a way to continue in 2013. 

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