Here we are….a full year later and still hopping. A huge thanks to Margie who hosts this monthly event. It keeps me accountable to checking in with my One Little Word and for that I am grateful. The January 1 hop goes live at 8 a.m. PST, and the entire list is below. If you're hopping in order, you just came from Monica's blog  (didn't you just love her orange page elements?) and you'll click through to Cynthia. If you get lost, simply join in anywhere. Wishing everyone, OLW participant or not, a beautiful and enchanting new year!

One year. That’s how long it has been since I claimed the word ‘become’ as my word of the year. Looking back, it seems almost silly. Wait….silly isn’t the right word. Safe is probably better. Or timid.

Not that become isn’t a fine word; it’s a fabulous word. But in the big scheme of things, I believe that we are all, in every way and whether we know it or not, become-ing who we are just by living our lives. Sure, there are ways to become better, become more, become ….. But, when push comes to shove, we all eventually become, regardless of our effort or intention.

Perhaps the best definition of that word for me this year was ‘to shift’. That word resonates with me because, when I look back, there was a whole lotta shiftin’ going on in my world. Difficult shifts, uncomfortable shifts, unexpected shifts and fabulous shifts.

In retrospect, I think I latched on to a comfortable word this year, which is exactly what I needed. I needed a break, a safe place and a respite of sorts to nurse past hurts, let the scabs do their thing and allow myself to see things a bit more clearly. I needed to prep the soil, so to speak; to till the ground, fertilize it, weed it and lovingly tend it in anticipation of the abundant and resplendent harvest of the next season.

So, thank you, become. Thank you for coddling me, encouraging me, reassuring me and reminding me that even when I think I’m stuck I’m really not. I’m just moving at the pace that I am supposed to be. I’m prepping for the wonder that my life really is, if I just let go and let it in. After all, even the richest soil will be barren if a seed is never planted.

Which brings me to my One Little Word for 2012. Truth is, I’m still waiting for the right word to claim me. I’ve batted around a few; embrace, release, bold, dare, soar, shine, bloom, grace, love. I’ve decided to sit with it just a bit longer to see if one speaks to me more then the others. I’m excited to be taking the journey again with Ali and the other Blog Hop participants. 2012 has so much potential. Adam might be moving on to college, I might (finally) be publishing a book or two, Nicholas will be moving from elementary school to Jr. High. I will hopefully be spending lots of time with my favorite guy, cultivate the amazing friendships I’ve been blessed with and finally accepting that it’s ok to welcome love and laughter into my life without always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Bring it on, 2012. I’m ready.


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