Rough weekend here at our place. Nothing earthshattering, nothing awful…….just rough. I think I just need to chalk it up to our changing routine and try to start this week on a good note. My neighbor told me that she’s never seen Erin & Nicholas acting the way they did this weekend–wound up tighter than tight, not listening, being obnoxious. They fought about
every. little. thing. One had more grapes than the other, one touched the other when they walked past, blah, blah, blah. Not sporadic whining, but constant, over-the-top, if this was the Olympics they’d put Michael Phelps to shame whining. I couldn’t even escape to the bathroom for peace.

The final straw came Sunday evening when Erin announced that she couldn’t “eat this awful meal. It is way too cheesy, Mom, yuck.” The food in question: grilled cheese sandwiches (made with one slice of cheese, btw).

Here’s hoping (and praying) that this week settles down…….goodness knows there are enough other things to be stressed about than counting grapes :)