Reverb10, Day 16– Friendship.  How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst? Prompted by Martha Mihalick.

“A” friend…such a difficult decision to make, deciding on just one friend to reflect on for this prompt. Let’s face it: as a single woman working my way through life I rely on my friends. Immensely. I joked when I was younger (in high school, when I thought I knew it all) that men were so much easier to be friends with than women. I thought they were less confusing, less catty, less needy. I now know that was just because sex hadn’t entered the picture yet. These days I know better.

While I still count a few men among my ‘besties’ I hope I have grown into the friendship of women. I heard an anecdote once that every woman needs these types of friends: the cheerleader, the historian, the brutally honest, the good guy, the wise one, the advice giver, the mommy friend…….true, I think. Mine may not fit into neat categories but they certainly each fill a special place in my life (and heart) and I am grateful for each of them.

I am tempted to list the fabulous qualities of my inner circle and to go on and on about how funny, insightful, wise, driven, successful and amazing my friends are. And I could do that, easily. But what’s more important here is the effect they’ve all had on my life. In one way or another, they have taught me how to be a better woman. They have encouraged me to open my ‘sealed-tighter-than-Kim-Kardashian’s-little-black-dress’ heart, to shine my light for others to see (heck, some even pointed out that I have a light), to be still and listen, to stop and breathe, to laugh, to reach,to share and, most importantly, to receive. Each and every friend on my mind right now has given of themselves, whether through word or deed, without a thought of what the return was for them. They are selfless, they are kind, they are real. They are amazing.  I am blessed.