Conversation with Erin tonight during cuddle time:

E: Mommy, when grownups get to a really big number they die, right?
M: Yes, honey, when people get to a really big number they die
E: Sometimes you don’t have to be a big number, though, that’s what I’m waiting for
M: What do you mean?
E: Because at school sometimes no one will play with me, so if I die I’ll go to a different place and there will be other people there to play with. So I’m waiting for that.
M: Who told you that, Erin?
E: Stevie
M: What else did Stevie tell you?
E: That you are going to die and I’ll get a new Mommy
M: When did Stevie tell you this, Erin?
E: Today at lunch
M: Where was Ms. Dora when Stevie said this?
E: Right there. She said Stevie was right
M: Really? So if I call Ms. Dora she’ll tell me I’m going to die and you’ll have a new mommy?
E: Well…..she doesn’t really want you calling her
M: OK, so if I go in with you tomorrow and ask her what will she say?
E: (Laughing) I was only kidding mommy!! Stevie was just joking

The conversation that followed was about how we can figure out better ways to play with kids other than “going to another place”, how she can’t sleep at night because Nicholas “snores me out all the time” and how only pink people live on Planet Pink and it’s very sweet and pretty there.

Nothing like things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.