1. After listening to the account manager complain all day that we don’t have an adequate pool to fill jobs in the event she goes and gets accounts (because I don’t recruit enough), filling a new job order in less than an hour.

2. Spending 90 minutes at a Chamber of Commerce Roundtable learning about what the Olathe School District does to place teachers in businesses through the summer to expand skills and earn income, and how they place seniors in internships that grow into great careers. Living proof that people DO want to work and excel and make a difference.

3. Starting the process to see what I need to do to obtain a teacher’s license in Kansas. Exploring new career options–want to maximize the summers and holidays I have left with the kids.

4. My stove is electric so I can cook dinner. French toast :)

5. That Erin is pretty much glued to my hip being my “helper”. She’s so sweet.

6. Knowing that annoying as it is, until I get caught up things will get turned off, and that’s ok. They always get turned back on. Gas will be back on tomorrow, provided the guy (who is the same guy, presumably, who left the notice) actually calls me ahead of time like he’s supposed to so I can be here.

7. My sweet dad & stepmom who brought us a pretty new table & chair set. And the guy who picked up my old table & chair set and couldn’t pay for it right away. He actually drove all the way here from Grandview today, his pay day, to pay me. Nice, nice guy.

8. Couch time to watch American Idol. Night all :)