I love this holiday. I wish that all the Christmas hoopla didn’t start so early and eclipse Thanksgiving day…..I think that a day to just sit back and think about all of the blessings we enjoy–without the pressure of gifts and parties and everything else–should be respected, cherished, and protected.

On this Thanksgiving Day I asked the kids to make a list of all they are thankful for. There was the usual–family, food, home. Then there was the ‘unique’: Erin is grateful for bathrooms and Nicholas is thankful for power (both for obvious reasons, but I still found it amusing that they made the list).

Here is part of my list:

1. That Adam asked me to teach him to make mashed potatoes and dressing today
2. That I have a job in these scary economic times
3. That my children are healthy, happy and fill my home with giggles
4. That I have friends…good friends…who I enjoy spending time with
5. My dad
6. Fresh baked apple pie
7. My sister, for always listening to me bitch about the annoyances of the day

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.