#Reverb12, Day 15: What tingled your tastebuds?

My taste buds traveled in 2012.  

In DC I drooled over fried chicken and waffles, sweet and crunchy and familiar and unique.  I passed on the deep fried cheeseburger but indulged in creamy risotto and sinful french fries and sweet treats from a famous place.

In Chicago I fell in love with tea lattes, delicate macaroons, spicy bahn mi, overindulgent banana Nutella crepes, gnocchi so tender it melted on my tongue, baked eggs, a sour cream  apple tart that left me speechless and meatloaf that could make any blue plate look good.

In Hays I found comfort in the familiar glaze of Daylight Donuts and gooey-ness of Taco Shop queso.

Back at home, I discovered that my oven welcomes more than just cupcakes and made full meals out of roasted brussels sprouts, roasted cauliflower with cayenne, and charred sweet potatoes drizzled with the tiniest bit of real maple syrup and sprinkled with sea salt. I braved homemade ravioli, stood in awe of a caramelized onion and roasted butternut squash galette, craved a warm roasted potato, caramelized onion and bacon salad and flipped a thousand and one grilled cheese sandwiches.

No matter where I go, food is home to me. I love the planning, the shopping, the prepping and the cooking. I love that by trying new flavors I can meet new people and experience new places. I love that it brings people together, encourages us to linger, creates space for conversation and usually gets better with experience. In a world that is uncertain, food is constant. Food is love.


I was lucky enough to share a meal at Cafe Gratitude with some lovely blogger friends. How they name their dishes makes me smile; bliss was the name of their chocolate hazelnut dessert. Apt, of course.

Thank you to Kat for her #reverb12 prompts. Though I don't know her, I love that she's leading the motley group of those who post, tweet, share, contemplate and think about joining. I love that there's no pressure, no expectation and plenty of love. Pure sweetness.