Hello Saturday. Usually our Saturdays are filled with errands, grocery store trips, lots of bickering and general ‘busy-ness.” Not today. This is the view from our warm, cozy inside:

So instead of running around and getting things done, we are hibernating. Blog-surfing (I found some amazing new blogs with some comfy homes that I hope to aspire to someday. A couple of my current favorites: The Lettered Cottage (I’m drooling over her kitchen) and Southern Hospitality (such a cute corner cabinet re-do). And, no lazy Saturday is complete without a favorite snack or two. My current favorite (and Adam loves it too) is roasted garlic hummus blended with roasted red peppers, scooped up with baked pita chips. Yum!
And enjoying the lovely tulips I bought last week (brought safely inside to stay warm, too).
It was a crazy busy week again yet I feel like I got absolutely nothing done. We’re all feeling better now, thank goodness, but being out of commission for even a day or two makes being productive challenging. Almost enough so to wish for a total snow-in so I’d have an excuse to stay indoors and catch up on all sorts of projects that have slipped through the cracks in the past few months.
Happy Saturday everyone–if you’re in the path of this icy weather, stay safe!!