That’s what Erin has–a “severe” case of hives (or, as Nicholas calls it, “THE HIVES”. They started Saturday evening, and have been progressively getting worse. At first I thought she got herself into a huge nest of mosquitos, but that’s not it. Poor thing is covered head to toe–literally–in hives. After not being able to get into see her primary care doctor we headed over to the Urgent Care facility. While it’s a lot nicer than the ER I spent time in in Chicago, it was still hard to keep her occupied for most of the day while we waited. And waited. And waited. Only to learn that unless she keeps getting them we’ll probably never know what caused this outbreak. If she does continue to get them, we’ll have to go through allergy testing. She’s taking Benadryl now and if that doesn’t get rid of them in 24 hours we’ll start her on steroids. She’s doing so well not scratching and she’s just as sassy as ever (when the Physician Asst. finally walked into the exam room Erin said “Now just what took you SO LONG?” That’s my girl :)