Decided that since Adam has a friend over for his birthday, I’d make a nice big Sunday breakfast. All was going well until I turned my back to put the vegetable oil back in its place and I hear this huge sound–can’t even describe it other than maybe like a gunshot or an explosion–and turn back around to see my Pyrex casserole dish completely blown to bits all over my kitchen.

I still can’t figure out what happened–I must have tipped it over the stove and the heat made it explode?? I always leave it on the counter right by the stove to transfer the french toast into to keep warm in the oven while I make eggs. But this time–BAM! all over the kitchen. I don’t know if I knocked it too far over while I was pouring vegetable oil from the big Costco-size-jug to my countertop countainer or what, but it just blew up.

I am just grateful that Erin got bored “helping” me with the french toast and had wandered off to bug her brother and his friend. And that I store that Costco-size-jug on the opposite end of the kitchen so I wasn’t standing right over the stove when it exploded. Because that could have seriously hurt.