I am exhausted :( Busy day to start the week and boy was it a MONDAY. Bleck.

Nicholas had a dr. appt. because he’s been complaining of headaches almost every day for months now. I’d thought that it was his eyes, that’s why I got him in for an eye exam and the glasses. But even after that, he still said his head hurt. So today he went to the Dr. And the Dr. thinks that he might be having chronic migraines, so he prescribed this medication (that on the sheet says it’s an antihistimine that also treats anorexia nervosa……weird) that Nicholas will take every night for a month and we’ll go back and reassess.

My poor little guy. And to top it off, he’s not even the one who goes to the Nurses’ office at school to complain about headaches–Adam is. So I guess I need to get him in, too.

If it’s not one thing……………well, at least it’s not my mother. That’s one bright shining spot to the day :)