So, this was NOT the view from my hotel window this past week. I saw the mountains I think two or three times–the rest of the time it was smoggy and overcast. Flew out on Sunday for Salt Lake City. It was snowing and the airport was closed for hours…..P. was supposed to drive me to the airport and told me an hour before I was supposed to leave that he was ‘just too tired’ to drive me…….so the trip started well.

Utah is an interesting place. I did not know that all the liquor stores there are state owned, and that if you order a martini in a restaurant you get this mini-drink. Since the hotel sucked (pool/hottub was shut down, internet was down) a few of the others and I decided to just drink all week. I was the grandma of the group–the vast majority of them were under 30, but surprisingly enough I really loved a few of them, and had a great time with them.

We started at about 7:30 in the morning and didn’t get back to the hotel until around 6… not much time for sight-seeing. We did manage to get downtown to wander around/have dinner a couple nights, drove by Temple Square and the State Capital, saw the building where women’s sufferage began and saw some amazing architecture. I really wish I’d had daylight hours to visit Temple Square, though–I didn’t feel comfortable sightseeing at night so they were mostly drive-bys.

The training itself was good. LOTS of info that I wish I’d already had, lots of info that I’ll probably never use. Have a new perspective on things, and hoping that when I get back to the office on Monday that they haven’t changed things around too much.

Was SO AMAZINGLY happy to get home last night and to get the kids all on the couch to cuddle. Nicholas burst into tears when he came through the door and held on to me for almost 1/2 an hour–poor kid. So, the house is already a mess, the laundry is piled again and I have a ton of mail to go through–but all is good if we can just hang out for the weekend and cuddle. :)