It's that time again….the One Little Word blog hop, hosted by Margie. Our group continues to dwindle as the year gets closer to the end; that's alright, though. We all know that everyone's journey is different, and just because some choose to not broadcast their steps for all to see doesn't mean they aren't taking any. 

This month's prompt was to choose our battles. One we would fight, another we would surrender. I found the word battle to be a bit harsh; almost like I'm choosing to see myself in violent or aggressive ways that I don't think completely fit me. Then again, perhaps in some ways I should strive to be more aggressive. Maybe in the battles we choose to fight, we resolve to assert ourselves, stand up for ourselves and claim what is ours. That's battle, no?

I loved the quote I found from Margaret Thatcher: "You may have to fight a battle more than once to win." If it wasn't so inappropriate, I'd give her a great big AMEN, SISTER to that observation. Why is it that if we fail once we think we've failed completely? Doesn't matter what battle it is–parenting, weight loss, fitness, financial security, connection, love, whatever–we (ok, I) tend to think that if I don't get it right the first time I'll never get it right. Not true.

If you're following the hop from the start, you arrived here from Lynn and your next stop is Cindy. I hope you'll visit each lady's blog and leave a thought or two. Part of the fabulous thing about the One Little Word course (and crafting, in general) is that we're reminded that even though the battle is ours we are never alone. Thanks for visiting…and I'll see you in October!


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