I do believe I need an intervention.

I've started (yes, again….don't judge) the Couch25K program. I'm hoping that by the time The Color Run lands in Kansas City, I'll be more of a jogger than a wogger (you know…that oh-so-hot combination of waddling and jogging).  I keep trying to push aside those thoughts from long ago that make me dread the ankle pain, shin splints and general discomfort of jogging. I love it in theory, and I believe all those svelte and serotonin-trippin' folks who swear by the practice; I'm just not a believer. Yet.

So I usually rely on my iPhone to keep me company. More specifically, the playlist that's there with the most upbeat songs from my iTunes library. Usually that keeps me going, happily if not sore. Sara and Ingrid and Duffy and Melissa and Joss and Adam and a host of others get me through.

Then I pushed play today. Damn playlist.

We started ok. Not entirely inspiring, but ok. Then, just as I was hitting the point where I wanted to turn around and go home, Cee Lo started. It's one of my favorites, his ubiquitous anthem to thumbing your finger at rejection. But today, Cee Lo turned that digit on me. No sooner than my Couch25K chimed "RUN" did Cee Lo retort 'F&%k You'.

Who am I to argue with Cee Lo, I rationalized. I could just walk this one, right? Wrong. There's no point in getting out there if I don't DO it, I told mself. So I wogged anyway. Until the cycle repeated. I had no choice; I hit 'next' and kept moving.  

Little did I know that Cee Lo is in cahoots with Amy Winehouse. "Rehab" started up and as I counted down the last seconds of my 'walk' cycle and dreaded the 'run', I got lost again in the music. Until I heard "RUN" followed–immediately–by Amy singing 'no, no, no'.

Damn playlist. I do believe it's time for a new one.

As much as I love both Cee Lo and Amy, I certainly don't need any more voices in my head encouraging me to quit. I do that quite well on my own, thank you very much.