That I can be so busy all weekend and feel like I didn’t accomplish a darn thing?? I hate the Sunday night letdown :(

I complain a lot about my job and the people I meet there, so I thought I’d share something positive for a change. I called a girl named Amanda months ago when she filled out an online application for clerical work. When I called to set an interview she said she was going into the hospital to be induced the next day and asked if she could call when she was back home and settled. I’d forgotten about her, but she called a couple of weeks ago. She came in and we had an interview.

I learned that Amanda is a single mom…..and that her entire family is in the military overseas. She’s all alone here except for her little boy. She was in California when she found out she was pregnant and she wanted to raise the baby here, so she moved. Pregnant and alone and with nowhere to go. She lived in a shelter and worked 2 jobs, both long hours on her feet, while she was pregnant. She didn’t have a car so she rode the bus.

She saved enough money to get herself a car and that meant she could get a better job. That led to an apartment right before her son was born.

She didn’t tell me any of this as a sob story. She mentioned that she was a single mom and I told her about a new program that Catholic Charities in Olathe has launched for single mothers….and she told me how she was blessed to have been able to live in the shelter, and that’s how her story came out. If she hadn’t told me I never would have guessed; she was impressive, cheerful, bright and articulate.

I sent her on an interview as a telemarketer because it’s the highest paying job I have. She wasn’t selected, and she was so sad. But she told me that everything happens for a reason.

Then we had something come about that we could place her in. It pays a litte less than the telemarketing did but it’s a better opportunity and it’s doing the office work that she’s qualified for and loves to do.

She called me last week to thank me. She loves where she’s at and she’s doing great. It was nice to hear that for a change–and that was the bright spot of my week!