Really. This week has just been kinda bleck. Nothing awful, nothing earth-shattering. Just kind of bland. Work has been ok…..busy and annoying boss and the usual stuff. Kids are ok. Adam is struggling a bit. Nicholas has had more mishaps this week than any other it seems. Erin is back on her “you may call me nothing but Princess” kick. The usual.

I’ve been feeling nostalgic and wondering what’s happened to friends from a long time ago that I’ve lost touch with. Been wishing I had the time and the resources to go spend a long, lazy day at the bookstore just hanging out and taking a breather. Contemplating where my career path might lead and what I can do to step it up a notch. And though I’m content with the path I’ve chosen, I’ve been wondering if my future holds anyone to laugh and share my days with. That’s a long time in the future…..but for some reason my brain is working overtime and all these things are jumbled and persistent and just there.

Too much thinking–that’s my problem. Happy Friday everyone!