Even with all the “to do” things piled up, I decided to forget about them today and took the kids out. We went to Wal-Mart and spent $10.00 that I don’t have on flowers and seeds, we weeded the front flower bed and planted. Erin dumped a ridiculous amount of seeds all over the flower bed–so who knows what’s going to grow now.

Adam has been asking to go on the walking trail, and since it was so beautiful today we decided to check it out. It was nice–except about a mile in Erin started whining that she was tired of walking, so we turned around to head back. 2 miles total today and the kids were adorable. I’d picked up butterfly nets for Nicholas & Erin and they had a great time putting the nets on their heads. A quick trip for ice cream cones, then home for burgers on the grill and a visit from Papa. Pretty much a perfect Sunday.

Wish it could last all week