That’s always been my response when one of my kiddos says “I love you Mommy”. It’s become a game. A back & forth “I love you more”….”No, I love YOU more”……until someone giggles and gives up.

Tucking Erin in a few minutes ago she says “Mom, I love you more than you love me. Want to hear how much I really love you?” And I say “Sure” thinking it will be something along the lines of “more than you love me.” Instead, she says……

“I love you all the way down to the ant holes, not just the top of the ant hole but way down inside the ant holes where the Queen Ant bosses all the other ants around. Then all the way up past where Jesus lives in heaven and then past that all the way through outer space. Then back down to the ant hole, all the way down until it’s the Queen Ant again. That’s how much I love you.”

WOW. How can life get any better than that?