but what a fun day.

Started by hanging out here:

With some lovely new(ish) friends I’ve met through Executive Women International (a networking/philanthropic group I’m active in through work). Fun vendors, good conversation, great brunch and a nice break from the ‘everyday.’
Then took the kids out for limeades (we love the Happy Hour at Sonic) and hit Frisco Lake for a walk along the lake and playing catch. Boy, does Nicholas have an arm on him. Wish I’d been able to get him in baseball this year–he’s a natural. And I can’t remember the time I played catch…..I used to love playing softball so much, I hadn’t realized how much I missed it.
Home, then, for dinner and a quiet night in. Early showers for everyone then movie night with homemade milkshakes and popcorn.
Fun stuff…..but I’m pooped! And tomorrow will be busy with Church, benefit Spaghetti lunch and silent auction (stop by St. Pauls from noon-3 p.m. for a benefit for Judy Atwood, a mom battling breast cancer), youth group, and trying to finish up a couple things for work and getting kiddos packed for our trip to Hays.
I’m hoping that the entire summer stays this busy. I want our weekends packed full of fun stuff that the kids will enjoy and remember. The goal is to play so much that we sleep really, really well all summer long :)