Yes, that’s right, we had ice cream for dinner. It’s been a very strange day……

I had a clue yesterday when I came home for lunch and had an envelope in the mail from our corporate office in Utah that contained a “Continuation of Coverage” election form that listed a termination date of July 18. Got back to the office to an email from the boss’s boss saying she’d be in my office Tuesday a.m. to talk and news that someone up at theNorth location had been let go.

So this morning I got the news that the board of directors decided on a major “reorganization” and my branch–and many other branches–are victims of this new structure, and that it’s effective immediately. I opted to stay on through next Monday to help pack up the office and make sure my employees get paid. But for all intents and purposes I am now unemployed.

The boss’s boss was so very nice. I don’t envy her position. She said she wants to keep me if she can, that she’s upset about letting me go, and that she’ll write me a glowing recommendation. All very nice to hear but not exactly a steady paycheck.

So…..that brings me to the dinner for ice cream part of the day. I’d promised the kids a trip to Baskin Robbins before they left for Chicago and we never made it there. So since today was their first day home and I was so happy to have them back–and so shocked about work–we decided on ice cream for dinner.

And that’s ok (once in a while) because we all were happy and smiling and enjoying being together. The perfect ending to a not-so-perfect day.