When your mom’s an entrepreneur

Your chance of doing the cool stuff sucks.

Because if your mom’s an entrepreneur

She looks at fun stuff as a business project.

When she looks at stuff as a business project

She gets all riled up and talks about how things should be

Instead of how they are.

When your mom’s an entrepreneur, 

She talks about stuff like store policies and rude salesclerks.

Instead of that I’d get to meet the guy from TV.

When your mom’s an entrepreneur

She thinks that paying double to do what I want to do

Is a lesson in bad business

Instead of just something really fun.

When your mom’s an entrepreneur

She says things like 

‘When you are older you’ll understand’ 


‘We vote with our dollars, and they don’t deserve ours’

Instead of ‘let’s just go have fun.’

When your mom’s an entrepreneur she doesn't always see

That everything is not always about business

Especially this one, that’s not hers

 And that I don’t’ really care about any of what she’s all worked up about.

When your mom’s an entrepreneur

Your chance of doing the cool stuff sucks.

image from wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/If_You_Give_a_Mouse_a_Cookie          Image from wikipedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtis_Stone
*Both photos from wikipedia. Learn about 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
and Curtis Stone on their respective Wikipedia pages.
This silly little post was inspired by my conversation with Erin, who is livid with me that we're not going to see Curtis Stone at Unity Temple tonight. We're not going because the book store hosting the event insists I buy two entry packages, at $35 each, to bring both Erin and Nicholas. Even though Erin's the only one who wants him to autograph a book, and Nicholas has to go because I just can't leave him at home by himself, and he'd just sit there and play on his phone the whole time. 
Trying to explain the policy to her was like going in circles. Trying to explain why I won't pay double to go was like a crash course in Business Marketing 101. I finally realized that neither of us is budging even though we each understand–at least to some extent–what the other is saying. But she told me flat out that it sucks to have a mom who 'is in business' and thinks about that first. Our conversation reminded me of 'When You Give a Mouse a Cookie,' which each of my kids enjoyed when they were little. Funny how circular stories go from cute to annoying as we get older.
So, I've lost my cool mom cred for now. But hopefully she'll get over not meeting the celebrity chef and instead will grow up to be one in her own right. Even better if she understands business and runs one that is progressive, respectable and profitable all at the same time. (For purposes of clarification, it's not Curtis Stone I have an issue with at all. We still love him and will watch every single episode of Take Home Chef on Netflix until we can recite the menus verbatim). It's the host book store. I'm not linking up to them because backlinks are money, yo, and if they want some of that action they can pay me double. I can do that, because I can make my own policies, right? Right.