I'm such a bad bloggy friend. The lovely and amazing Sheri of donuts, dresses and dirt fame tagged me in a cool award earlier this month and I was supposed to do a few things. It's taken me too long, but I wan to extend a great big virtual hug to Sheri for thinking of me! I think that this is the most amazing part of being online; even though Sheri and I have never met in person, I feel like I know her and that she "gets" me. I also know that someone far away is behind me in this blogging endeavor, and that makes me smile.

So the rules are that I thank Sheri and link back to her blog (done and done), share 10 things that you may not yet know about me, and then pass the award on to six more kick ass bloggers. I think this is the part that's tripped me up; not tagging six more people, but coming up with 10 things that I haven't yet shared. I generally think that I overshare, but I'll give it a try.

1. I don't like quiet, and I usually need to have some sort of background noise going on. Pandora works, as does older movies playing on a loop. I can't tell you how many times I've "seen" the likes of Sweet Home Alabama, Hope Floats, Never Been Kissed and a shelf full of other chick flicks.

2. I cry at the oddest times during movies. Like when Jamie proposes to Aurelia in Love Actually, Andrew tells Margaret to shut up in The Proposal and too many times in Forest Gump and The Shawshank Redemption to count. 

3. I'm afraid that I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

4. I fantasize about moving to Italy for a summer and learning how to cook, spending the afternoons wine tasting and not caring how hot or sweaty I get while soaking up the Tuscan sun.

5. I read cookbooks like other people read novels. I don't always cook from them, but I love to love them.

6. I would rather wash dishes by hand than load a dishwasher, but I hate putting dishes away regardless of if they're in the drying rack or the dishwasher.

7. I wish I had more parties. Not stupid frat-like parties, but dinner and conversation with interesting people and scrumptious food.

8. I wish that I had a green thumb, and I envy those who do. I'm not-so-secretly jealous of those who have rose bushes,lilacs and hydrangeas lining the sides of their homes.

9. I've had the same books on my nightstand for more than a year. I swear I'm going to read them. Someday.

10. When I'm old and gray, and my kids have moved on to lives of their own, I think that traveling around to explore places yet unseen would be a wonderful way to live. 

OK….not sure that those were interesting, but at least I hit the requisite 10!

Now, on to six bloggers.

1. My bestie Gina, who has just recently reclaimed her blogging mojo. She's my voice of reason when I start to loop, my margarita buddy on (some) Friday nights and an amazing example of what it means to be a friend, sister and mother. Visit here at Open Heart Expressions.

2. A new friend, Lina, who I admire for her candid voice, her dedication to family and her radiant presence. Visit her here at DalaiLina

3. A business friend who morphed to simply friend Deb. She's reclaiming her bloggy voice, forging a career that celebrates moms and can teach us all a thing or two about balance. Visit her here at DebCB

4. My cool friend Jen, who defines cool in a whole new way. I secretly want to be just like her when I grow up. Visit her here at Punky in the City

5. My friend Kristen, who opens my eyes to cool things like running and who sets an example as a blogger, freelance writer and mom. Visit her here at Dine and Dish

6. My new friend Erin, who suffered through nasty conditions with me in spirit during a recent trip to St. Louis. Even though we haven't met (yet) in person I love reading about her life as a mom and daughter. Visit her here at The Road to My Writer Roots

Thanks again for tagging me, Sheri!