to start another week. This Monday morning came particularly quickly, and as I sit here savoring my 2nd cup of coffee and trying to force my eyes to see straight, I’m feeling a bit annoyed that I have to be up at all.

What happened to fun weekends? My poor kiddos are trapped with me doing stuff that “has” to be done, because we didn’t have time during the week. Catching up on grocery shopping, cleaning bathrooms, vaccuming floors, dumping garbage….it’s enough to make me feel like we didn’t even get a weekend.

Nicholas did make his First Reconciliation on Saturday. Poor little guy was so nervous he gave himself a stomach ache. After all was said & done, he was proud that his penance was only one Our Father–his teacher told him that everyone gets at least 3 Hail Marys, so I’m betting that he thinks he’s God’s favorite now.

Erin spent all of pajama day making personalized Valentine’s for the kids in her class. She wouldn’t accept help from me, and is so proud of these little hearts with artwork and stickers, personalized to each kids’ likes & dislikes. I love this age she’s at, where self-consciousness and doubt haven’t set in yet. She speaks her mind and she’s sure that her friends adore her. I remember being like that until
2nd grade–I wonder if that’s when the shift will occur for Erin, too. I hope not.

Happy Monday everyone.