So I think it went pretty well. I was there for about an hour. She said I was the 45th person she’s interviewed….so I think the odds are against getting an offer. She’s having a higher-up call to do a phone interview, and I have to take an online personality test. Never have done one of those before….so that will be interesting. The salary to start would be less than what I’m making now, but it sounds like the potential for advancement and better money is a very real possibility. And of course, being close to home would be great too.

In other news, this whole divorce things sucks. Phil asked if he could stay for dinner tonight, so he did. I hate that his sadness makes it clearer to me that we can’t be together. I suggested he go for counseling, and he didn’t like that idea. He moped and sulked the entire time he was here, and I fluctuate between feeling like a bitch and feeling sorry for him. It’s a no-win situation, and I don’t see it ever becoming anything else.

Bleck. Off to take my personality test :) Thanks for all your thoughts on the invite-only issue. I appreciate you guys more than you know.